Magic Bells


One of the most special and exclusive botanical Kalanchoes is the Magic Bells. With its striking inflorescence and high ornamental value in the various plant stages, it surpasses all other house plants that are available on the market.

The most striking feature of the Magic Bells are the clusters of light green lanterns at the end of the flower stalk. After a while, beautiful orange-red flowers appear from these lanterns, which automatically disappear after flowering. After that you can continue to enjoy the green ‘Bells’ and beautiful leaves for a long time. These ‘magical’ features will intrigue your customers and invite you to come closer.

All this makes this plant a real asset for any environment.

Height: 60cm

Width: 23cm

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Please note all are arrangements are handmade to order using flowers fresh from the market.

Depending on availability we will sometimes need to substitute certain flowers or foliage with something equally as beautiful but always in-keeping with the colours and style you have chosen.

These pictures are therefore a guide rather than an exact interpretation and all arrangements are photographed in the largest sizes.

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