Spring Bridal Bouquets To Wow

Spring Bridal Bouquets To Wow

As we head into warmer weather and with the May Bank Holiday behind us we are firmly in Spring wedding season and there are plenty of beautiful blooms and fabulous floral arrangements for you to choose from. We thought we’d give you our Top 5 tips for Spring Wedding Bouquets.

1) To Peony or not to peony?

These flowers are one of the best parts of Spring and come in a range of colours to compliment your theme whether for buttonholes or for the bridesmaids, these beauties really bring a floral bouquet to life.

2) All white on the night

Want to stick to the traditional white and cream for your bouquet? Say hi to white hydrangeas and beautiful ivory roses. An ivory rose represents perfection, excellence, grace and thoughtfulness – we think our Monaco bouquet says all of that and more.

Spring Bridal Bouquets To Wow
3) Add a pop of colour

A contrast to a white or ivory wedding outfit with a pop of colour will really catch the eye. Embrace a boho vibe with our Provence bouquet using seasonal foliage and Memory Lane Roses for a dreamy colour scheme or make them pop with our Bright and Beautiful delphinium showcase.

Mother's Day FlowersSpring Bridal Bouquets To Wow

4) The bigger the better

Looking to make a statement with a bouquet that will stun? Look no further than our Love Me Like You Do bouquet – brimming with white lilies, gypsophelia, thalaspi and eucalyptus there’s no better accompaniment for saying ‘I Do’ 

Spring Bridal Bouquets To Wow
5) Don’t stop at the bouquet

We can create your dream arrangement from table pieces to beautiful archways to make you and your future life partner stand out in the best possible way.

Spring Bridal Bouquets To WowSpring Bridal Bouquets To Wow
If you’re still unsure and would like to see how they look pop in and see us for a free consultation to wow those wedding guests.

Mother's Day Flowers

Is it Mother’s Day or Mothering Sunday? And how did this celebration of motherhood begin?

Mother’s Day or Mothering Sunday?  And how did this celebration of motherhood begin?


Mothering Sunday began as a religious event in the 16th Century, and had absolutely no connection to mothers at all. The word “mothering” was referring to the “mother church”, which was the main church or cathedral of the area. It became a tradition that, on the fourth Sunday of Lent, people would return to their mother church for a special service. This pilgrimage was apparently known as “going a-mothering”, and became something of a holiday event, with domestic servants traditionally given the day off to visit their own families as well as their mother church.

So if Mothering Sunday is completely unrelated to Mother’s what is Mothers Days?


It is actually a completely unrelated American event, invented by a woman called Anna Jarvis in 1908. Her initial inspiration was a desire to honour her own mother, who had been a militant peace activist during the US Civil War. Anna Jarvis’s growing ambition to create a formal “Mother’s Day” for all American mothers was literally laughed out of the room at first, with officials jokingly saying that it might lead to a “Mother-in-Law’s Day”. Anna Jarvis wasn’t easily put off, though, and in 1914 US President Woodrow Wilson officially signed Mother’s Day into existence.

There is unlikely to be a Mother in the land who does not appreciate a stunning bouquet of flowers as a gift from their children.

And I’m sure you’ll agree that you would like to give your Mum a bouquet as special as she is.  That’s why we have created some gorgeous arrangements to suit all tastes and budgets.  And if you are not sure just ask our team of experts to Hand-Tie our Florist Special.

    Mother's Day Flowers Mother's Day flowers | ValenciaMother's Day Flowers | Seville

So now you know how it came about what is the ideal gift Mother’s Day gift for your Mum?

There is unlikely to be a Mother in the land who does not appreciate a stunning bouquet of flowers as a gift from their children.

And I’m sure you’ll agree that you would like to give your Mum a bouquet as special as she is.  That’s why we have created some gorgeous arrangements to suit all tastes and budgets.  And if you are not sure just ask our team of experts to Hand-Tie our Florist Special.

Here are some tips on how to decide on what flowers to give your mother on Mother’s Day:

So, where should you start?  Deciding what flowers to buy can be daunting with the number of different colours and varieties available.

Start with your mum’s favourite flowers and favourite colour. If you cannot recall that then we recommend choosing seasonal flowers as you know there will be plenty of supply.  However, a traditional rose teamed with purple Eustoma looks stunning, as seen in one of our favourite bouquets Provence.


Next, make sure you order your mothers day bouquet early.

So many people will buy their flowers last minute or grab flowers from the local shop on the way over to their mum’s place. We advise you to order your Mother’s Day flowers several days in advance. It is one of the florists’ busiest days of the year so the sooner you place your order, the better chance you have of finding exactly what you want and getting it delivered on time. However, most florists including Lilac & Willow will still take orders on Mother’s Day. But it is still better to order early.

Shop Mother’s Day Bouquets from Your Local Florist

We all agree that we want the highest-quality Mother’s Day bouquet for our budget. It’s best to find a real local florist with a real address and phone number. That will give you flexibility. You can always visit the flower shop and grab your bouquet on a go. This way the flowers would be the freshest possible.

Make Sure You Write A Lovely Message

No doubt the flowers you choose will be stunning but Mum’s will always focus on the words on the cards to bring warm feelings to your mum.  A card that is either funny or heartfelt will be sure to make your mum laugh or cry.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you mum’s out there.   Your Local Florist Lilac & Willow are taking Pre-orders for Mother’s Day arrangments.  Order now to guarantee a stunning gift of fresh flowers hand-delivered to the door.

Be a Valentine’s Day Legend!

Create special memories this Valentine’s Day with expertly crafted bouquets and arrangements. Whether that means a single red rose, or something extravagant, we have you covered. Our flowers are expertly arranged and hand-delivered our experienced team of florists.  If you are in need of some inspiration then look no further.

I think we all agree that Valentine’s day this year will have a very different feel.  You can no longer take your loved one to a romantic restaurant for dinner or surprise them with an impromptu visit to the cinema to watch their favourite Rom-Com.   So how can you make Lockdown Valentine’s day special?  Don’t despair, we have some tips on how you can make it one to remember.


Flowers are an energy and mood booster so even more important at the moment, I think you’d agree!  So why not go that extra mile and send a stunning Valentine arrangement to be delivered directly to your door by our very own deliverer of happiness, or collected from our shop at Battlers Farm Radlett.

When you think of Valentine Flowers, traditionally you think Bouquets.  Who wouldn’t feel special receiving one of these to their door?

Be a Valentine's Day Legend!       Be a Valentine's Day Legend!        Be a Valentine's Day Legend!


Be a Valentine's Day Legend!

Roses are absolutely gorgeous but you do not have to restrict your choice to Roses, any of our bouquets can be made extra special by upgrading the size.   You can select from Medium, Large, Luxury, or Deluxe with any of our Bouquets, as it’s lockdown and your Valentine will probably need an extra boost, why not treat them to the size up to what you may normally send?  Breakaway from tradition with one of these gorgeous displays.



Be a Valentine's Day Legend!If bouquets are not your thing, surprise your loved one with one of these gorgeous table displays.  Our hatbox arrangement is really popular all year round and so we have created this special Valentine’s version, filled with roses, cymbidium orchids, hypericum berries, phlox, and lisianthus. With seasonal foliage.


Be a Valentine's Day Legend!







Another popular choice all year round is our Jam Jar Collection.  As a modern alternative, we have created a Valentine version containing a combination of gorgeous Pink and Red roses.


Be a Valentine's Day Legend!

Restaurant meal.. at home.

There are lots of restaurants that have adapted their business to do home deliveries during this lockdown period.  A wonderful treat would be to arrange a surprise dinner to save a night of cooking.  Don’t order your normal takeaway, try somewhere different!

Make it extra special by adding our table decorations to give a real romantic restaurant vibe.  We can provide cute candles with little glass bottles as holders and a single red rose wrapped in aspidistra leaf table decorations all delivered directly to your door!

Be a Valentine’s Legend all year long with our Floral Subscription!

If you have that extra special person in your life and you want to treat them all year round, our Valentine’s subscription is exactly what you need.  You can be a Valentine’s legend by giving the gift of flowers all year long.   Your special person will not only get a beautiful bunch of flowers from you on Valentine’s day BUT a stunning floral arrangement every month for a year!  You can pick the colours from a choice of pastels, brights, classic white and green, or leave it to the specialists to choose from.

Flower designs depict a universal kind of love – Giving flowers during the day of hearts can be romantic, familial, or platonic. The labels are not important because when it’s Valentine’s Day, all the important people in your life deserve flowers to brighten up their home and their mood with a stunning arrangement, you don’t need to just send Roses to loved ones, you can send bright and beautiful jars, hat boxes, table arrangements anything you like!  To whoever you like!  Don’t limit spreading the love to just your partner your friends and family will love you for it too

Valentines Day Subscription

Visit our website or give us a call and we can help you make someone’s day special with the gift of flowers.


How To Care For Succulents


Even though succulents belong to the group of low-maintenance plants, they still need to be properly cared for.

In this article blog we tackle underwatering and overwatering your succulents.


This will help with leaves turning yellow, leaves withering and shrivelling and leaves dying off.


Luckily it is a little bit harder to underwater a succulent but it does happen occasionally.

When the soil is completely dry you need to give it a good soak and let it drain.

If you have any shrivelled leaves they should start to look better after two watering’s.

From then on, remember to water your succulent more frequently.

Please note that during a heatwave, succulents do need a bit more water – don’t


Don’t kill your succulents with kindness.

The first thing to remember is to make sure the soil dries out before you water it again.

You can test this by sticking your finger about an inch into the soil.

Furthermore, you need to use soil that drains well to prevent the succulent to sit in water for too long.

It also helps if the succulents (inner) pot has drainage holes so excess water can drip out.